The Alexa Centre in Berlin opened back in 2007 and after 10 years the mall management requested a new and updated interior signage and wayfinding.

Gold-coloured canopies, sand arches, tasteful ornaments and wall decorations – the art deco design of the Alexa reminds of the 1920’s, the glittering decade when Alexanderplatz celebrated its heyday.

The Alexa Centre with its 56,000 m2 of sales floors is not only one of the largest shopping malls in Berlin, but also offers visitors a mixture of entertainment and relaxation.


Project Details

Sonae Sierra

Ar. José Quintela da Fonseca and Sonae Sierra’s Conceptual Design & Architecture Department

Project Location
Berlin, Germany

Interior signage and wayfinding

Project Date
July 2017

Photo Credits
Photo 1 – © Christian Reister
Photo 2 and 3 – © Stefano Paterna